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Waste statistics on agriculture


Diffuso il: 07 febbraio 2007

This publication reports the results of the pilot study on waste generation and management in Agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors, financed by Eurostat, in order to implement the Regulation 2150/2002/Ec of the European parliament and council on Waste statistics. The pilot study was carried out by Istat with two different projects: one on methodological aspects and the other one on data collection. An analysis of the economic activities involved and related waste together with a review of available and exploitable data sources and methodologies for waste statistics calculation has been performed.
Furthermore a deepening on the discussion ongoing at international and national level on some specific statistical issues related to the implementation of Regulation 2150/2002/Ec is reported. As regards data collection tools, a proposal for some data collection through an environmental section devoted to waste generation and management integrated in the Farm structure survey 2003 questionnaire is presented.


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